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Why Become an Affiliate ?

Sharing is Caring, and if what you share is good for you and the environment, then it's a must!

Our success is based on the amazing group of members and followers who share the same passion: live a greener and healthier lifestyle.

We want to reward our members by sharing a piece of the pie. After all, the more it's shared, the cleaner our planet becomes.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone passionate about sustainable and cruelty-free products. We invite all bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurial souls, planet lovers, and humans of all colors and sounds to join our movement!

How It Works

It really couldn't be easier! After you register, you can create a unique code or link. Every time someone makes a purchase from our our website using your link, you get 10% of the sale. It’s a win/win.

Cool, I'm in - Where do I sign up?

Right on! You can sign up HERE :)

Any Questions?

Just email us at