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The Perks

A Happy Dentist

Dentist’s recommend you change your brush every three months. With the Club you’ll never forget, it’s delivered to your doorstep!

Save Some Coin

Just by joining the club you’ll save 20% or more. the more family members you add the sweeter the deal.

No Strings Attached

Cancel anytime, skip deliveries and make changes to your membership.
No questions asked!

Mix and Match

Customize your Club for the whole family and save even more!

  • 1 = $7.50 Each
  • 2 = $7 Each
  • 3 = $6.50 Each
  • 4 = $6 Each
  • 5 = $5.50 Each

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The Good Stuff

Good for you and the environment

At MABLE we’re commited to making better choices. That’s why our brushes are non-toxic. Made from sustainably harvested bamboo and our packaging is plastic free. We put your health and the environment first.

Check out our ingredients page

Buy Give Teach

Every MABLE brush purchased helps fund our Buy Give Teach program. We visit schools and teach kids in the US about sustainability, green business and get them thinking about how they can do their part. We kickstart their new sustainable lifestyle with a bamboo toothbrush.

Learn more about Buy Give Teach here.