Early projects of our Buy Give Teach program included visiting our local Bay Area schools and doing  presentations on sustainability and then kickstarting kids new sustainability habits with a bamboo toothbrush. That grew into supporting other teachers, educators, organizations within California who were working to educate children and youth on sustainability. Eventually word spread and we were getting requests from all over. 

Some of the educators and organizations we've worked with are below; Please get in touch if you'd like to work with us.


Baby2Baby - Child Poverty Organization 

Bay Area ISD - Higher Education

Christine Liu - Slow and Sustainable Author and educator

Foster City Elementary - Elementary school

San Francisco Unified School District - Pre-K Through Grade 12 Schools

Saving The Blue - Ocean Conservation and education 

Catawba College - Madagascar Toothbrush Donation

Keller Public Library - Sustainability Library Program

George Mason University - Guatemala Toothbrush Donation

Roland Park Middle School - Middle School 

Girl Up Organization - Girl empowerment organization

Rob Greenfield - Sustainability Activist

Sea Hugger Organization - Ocean Conservation