Buy Give Teach

Not everyone has the power to make their own choices.  Particularly kids.

So, what if you could extend your smart choices to kids?  Kids that might otherwise never know they have options.  Kids in your own community.

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MABLE makes this possible. For every toothbrush you buy from us, we give one to a child here in the U.S.  But we didn’t stop with just “the one-for-one approach”. We wanted to do so much more.

We go school to school to teach kids about sustainable choices, personal health, and how products like the MABLE brush ensure we don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

You choose, they receive.  A toothbrush, an education... and the beginnings of a lifestyle.
If you are a teacher and would like to learn more about participating in our Buy Give Teach program, please email us at

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