The MABLE Brush

Make your teeth, bathroom and the planet more beautiful with a MABLE® bamboo toothbrush. Our non-toxic ingredients and 100% compostable handle make this the best bamboo toothbrush for you and the planet!

Compostable & FSC CERTIFIED BAMBOO handle

Our bamboo toothbrush handle is 100% compostable and certified by the USDA's BioPreffered Program as 100% bio-based. Simply remove the bristles before composting the bamboo handle.

We source our bamboo from a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified bamboo supplier to ensure it is sustainably grown and harvested. Our bamboo is grown in a forest in Ningbo, China, close to our manufacturing facility. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It's naturally antibacterial and water-resistant, making it ideal for your toothbrush handle.

Self-standing Design

We designed and developed our toothbrush to be elegant, ergonomic, and self-standing—something you could be proud to display on your countertop. No more unnecessary brush holder or clutter!

Our handles are hand-finished and hand-packed to ensure the best quality.

To give your brush a splash of color that's still eco-friendly, we use a plant-based, non-toxic paint, which is fully biodegradable.

The Bristles

The American Dental Association recommends using soft bristles, which are available in all of our colors in the adult and kid size toothbrushes.

The bristles are made from non-toxic, and BPA-free nylon. Nylon is 100% recyclable at select recycling facilities, but due to the bristles’ small size, we recommend placing them in the trash bin so that it’s not blown into the environment. See the instructions below for composting the bamboo handle.

Plastic-Free Packaging

We're proud to say our packaging is plastic-free! We print onto unbleached, recycled cardboard using a combination of UV printing and soy based inks. These print methods reduce ink waste and VOCs.

We ship all online and wholesale orders plastic-free to your door.

How to Compost Your Toothbrush

It's simple and takes less than a minute!

Option 1:

Simply snap off the bristle head. Dispose of the bristle head in your regular trash bin. Throw the bamboo handle in your compost bin.

Option 2:

Take a pair of pliers and pull out all of the bristles. Throw the bamboo handle straight into your compost bin. The loose bristles can be recycled at your local recycling plant, or they can be put into your regular trash bin.

MABLE Life Span

Your MABLE brush will last a long time and perform just as well as any other brush. It’s really all in your brushing technique! The American Dental Association recommends you change your brush every 3-4 months, and we make that easy and convenient with our subscription. Click on the Subscribe and Save option to get 15% off your order and choose your subscription frequency. You can cancel anytime.

More questions? Check out our FAQ page or send us an email.