Our Story

Every year, nearly 5 billion plastic toothbrushes are created worldwide. And in the U.S. alone, one billion of those make it into the earth’s landfills and oceans.

Now think about this: because of the painfully slow rate that plastic decomposes, every plastic toothbrush that’s ever been made...still exists.

Crazy, right? We think so..

And that’s why we—Alexey, Emma, and Gilmar—teamed up to create MABLE. It’s a super-stylish and eco-friendly toothbrush with a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle. 

Because we knew it was time to stop adding to the problem, and start being a part of the solution instead.

We know what you’re thinking...one small change, like choosing a bamboo toothbrush, won’t make a difference.

But what if you make that same choice over and over again?

Now you’ve made a dent.

We designed the MABLE brush for the modern home and lifestyle, to show just how easy—and chic—it can be to make a sustainable switch.

Mable Co Founders

It’s our dream to inspire more people to make these changes together, creating a community of like-minded people, and igniting a movement.

Because we know that in order for sustainable habits to have a true impact, they need to reach others.

So we created the Buy Give Teach program. We visit schools in our local community to teach kids about the power they have to affect change, just by making small sustainable choices.

Right now, Buy Give Teach reaches kids in San Francisco schools, and each success puts us closer to sharing the program with the rest of America and across the globe.

Read more on our Buy Give Teach page!