Subscribe & Save

How it works?

By selecting “Subscribe and Save” you will be creating an automatic subscription for the product you are adding to the cart. You can choose the frequency your recurring order gets delivered, in 3, 6, 12 month intervals. You will automatically be charged for your recurring order using the credit card on file at the interval of you signed up for (every 3, 6, 12 months). 


What is the advantage of subscribing?

You save an additional 10% off the products each time your order is charged. Products are automatically shipped so you don’t have to worry about ordering everytime you need these everyday essential items.


Can I change my subscription?

Yes. If you need to change the delivery date, your shipping address or credit card on file you can do so by signing into your account here.  


Can I add products to my subscription?

Yes. If you would like to edit the products on your current subscription, please email with the changes you would like to make. 


Who pays shipping?

The customer pays standard shipping rates with each order. We ship via USPS. 


Do I get a reminder my subscription is about to renew? 

Yes. We email you three days before your subscription gets charged and processed. If you need to make any changes please make them prior to your next charge date. 


Can I cancel my Subscription? 

Yes. You can cancel anytime, no obligation. Sign into your account here to make changes. 


Having trouble signing into your account? 

Your subscription account will be under the email you checked out with. You can get a direct link to your subscription login by following the prompts here. 

If the system is saying you do not have an account with us, it may be that you never created an account at the time of check out. You can create an account here. If you prefer to have 

someone on our team assist you, don’t hesitate to email