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Upgrade your Phillips® Sonicare® with the eco-friendly replacement heads from MABLE®. Crafted from sustainably harvested FSC-certified bamboo, these toothbrush heads are ethically made for a guilt-free choice. The 100% biodegradable bamboo base*, paired with soft, plant-based castor bean oil bristles, ensures a sustainable and vegan option. *Simply remove the bristles before composting. Available in convenient one or four packs. Make the switch to MABLE® for a cleaner, greener smile.

Check your Phillips® Sonicare® model compatibility here.


Customer Reviews

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Fits my sonicare perfectly!

Love not adding more plastic to the mountain!

Work great!

These toothbrush heads fit perfectly and work great. Delivery was fast too!

Thank you for reviewing the new bamboo repacement heads for Phillips Sonicare. We're glad you are saying NO to plastic and very happy you picked our eco-friendly bamboo heads instead.

Would order again

Tried one other sustainable brand before Mable and the brush head fell off repeatedly after a few weeks.

The Mable heads seem to be much more stable. I would give it five stars if the bristles were softer.

Hello Michael, thank you for your review.
Our toothbrush heads for Phillips® Sonicare® and One® Electric Bamboo Toothbrush Heads, have regular soft brisles. We hope to introduce sometime in the future Extra-Soft bristles for these products. Thank you again for taking the time writing this review, we appreciate it.

Emma J
Love these toothbrush heads!

I got these for my husbands Sonicare toothbrush and he loves them. They clean just as well as the original heads and we love that the bamboo base can be composted. We'll be buying more.

Hi, thank you for taking the time to write a review for our new bamboo toothbrush heads for your electric Sonicare toothbrush, we appreciated it. Their soft bristles clean as well as the original brand name heads, and they’re more affordable, perfect for stocking up for guests, gifting, or for home to replace them every 3 months, just like the dentist reccommends. Thank you and your husband for your preference.